Reposting Old Blog Entries

In my fussy-free days (however long that was ago), I was blogging quite a bit. Having accounts in every conceivable social networking sites (well, at least the good ones, and in my last count, I've got a total of 4), I tried remembering where I posted them. Lo and behold, they are at Friendster. =)

To attempt at satisfying the request of some friends wanting to see some of the entries I've written in my clandestine Word document diary (yes, you saw it right, Word document, hahaha), I'll be reposting a handful of entries that I shared in my Friendster account that are also present in my diary.

So read on and do share your thoughts if you must. Just happy to flex my writing muscle again even if they're reposts. My blog could use the fresh wave of entries even if it's at least once a week. That's how manic my life can get.


xoxo, l.p


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