Ground Zero, Square One

In about 7 days, I've been a bum for 3 months. Well, not exactly. A professional job hunter. Yeah, that's sounds better. You'd probably be wondering why it's taking me this long to get a job? I'm wondering about it too. It's not as if I haven't looked for opportunities. I did some interviews already. However, the turnaround is as slow as a sure-footed turtle. I find myself often contemplating where did I go wrong or if I haven't exhausted all possible avenues. Now, at this juncture, I'm starting to flirt again with an industry that I've somehow managed to, consciously or not, avoid for as long as I can remember.

The first time I've flirted with this industry was when I was fresh out of college. The company, one of the most prestigious banking & finance organizations in the country, was in the middle of setting up their first 24x7 customer support facility. I was going to be one of the pilot members of that facility. Now, lo and behold, that miniscule pilot team has become this massive business group which by far is one of the best places to work in, if you were to consider the C&B package of a typical banking and finance organization. If I pursued that, I may be either one of the group's senior executives/managers today.

The second time I've flirted was two years after I started working. I was merely doing it as an exercise to test my marketability. The company's industry is similar to where I was working for at the time: telecommunciations. For some strange reason, I was probably one of the few candidates who were subjected to a panel interview by none other than 3 of the senior executives/managers of that business group. They were impressed by my qualifications and candor during the panel that they immediately considered me for a senior agent post with the promise of becoming a senior trainer upon regularization. It probably would've happened if I pursued it and eventually be one of those in the panel today. Like the previous one, the company is also a best place to work in.

You might wonder why I didn't pursue those opportunities. At the time, customer service wasn't really my cup of tea. I knew I wanted to be in training. My ideals got the better of me, I guess. To a certain extent, those choices served me well because of what I know and can do now. No regrets really. I made the decisions I needed to make at the time. It was all worth it.

Now, I'm flirting with the industry for the third time but with a clearer mindset and a more assertive heart. Maybe it's time to plunge into those waters, maybe not. All I know at this moment is that I need a job. I'm tired of being a bum. I want to feel the stress that comes with work. I want to feel useful again.

Three months ago, I hit ground zero. Three months later, I feel like I'm back at square one.

Like a phoenix, will I be able to rise from my ashes soon enough? Before I come undone?

I hope so. I really, really hope so.

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