Everywhere But Nowhere

For my first re-post from my clandestine and now, 170-page e-diary, I've decided to make public one of the poems I've written over eight years ago. I don't want to say how and what inspired me to create it but you can probably gauge once you've finished reading it.

I started writing poems and short stories when I was in high school, around junior year. My poems never fell into any acceptable patterns like a sonnet or a haiku. I just wrote. I paused where I needed to. I never cared for any rhythm or rhyme. Even the length. Just as long as it makes sense to me. That was my writing style. It's raw in many ways but like any first-time writers, you begin in that state then eventually grow into where you feel most comfortable. I haven't gotten to that place yet because, like I mentioned in my previous entry, I'm too critical about my own writing that the compulsion to edit sometimes overpowers the context.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you one of my poems entitled "Everywhere But Nowhere." Read on and as always, let me know what you think.

jagged reflections
lay before broken mercury and glass
a woman stood amidst the destruction
a tired soul looking everywhere but nowhere

the mirror who bore her reflection
shattered beyond repair as specks littered the room
remnants of innocence and beauty long gone
scattered everywhere but nowhere

her scarlets and salts mixed with fragments
silent screams, anguished cries trapped inside walls
her wishes, hopes and dreams gone
fading everywhere but nowhere

falling to her knees
she beseeched for redemption
hands wading in a sea of glass and blood
swimming everywhere but nowhere

then slowly she stood
wounds and scars staining her body
feet walking, arms swinging
traveling everywhere but nowhere

written in july 20, 2000


xoxo, l.p.


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