Of Gray Boy Shorts & The Chosen One

I have no plans of posting anything today. But I couldn't resist my glee after seeing these sneak peaks. Move away folks, the inner fan girl is coming out. XD

First off, the second US TV Spot for Twilight. The movie is barely a few days/weeks away and if you weren't flooded by all the books that came out this month, here come the TV Spots. I chose not to feature the first one because it barely varies from the full trailer. But this... There are no words! The sexy gray boy shorts got me stumped. Credit goes to Everglow and Lion_Lamb for this jaw-dropping gem. =]

Lastly, the international trailer for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I saw this over a friend's YM status but since video streaming is blocked in my office, I waited until I got home to see it. Now, I'm wishing that July 2009 is here. "But I am the chosen one." Genius! LOL.

Hope you enjoyed it. See you at the movies!


xoxo, l.p.


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