Fair Enough Indeed

Original Post Date: October 26, 2005 (Friendster)

Have you ever felt being happy one minute, sad the next?

Ah, the beauty of balance. Truly poetic, isn’t it? Most people wish for all the good stuff to come their way; I wish for balance.

Life, for me, is a big scale — sometimes I get lucky; sometimes I don’t. But I’m cool with that. I guess I’m glad because I have my fair share of both the good and the bad stuff. You can’t be 100% lucky without any retributions. I’m sometimes afraid of being happy for too long because, sooner or later, payback comes and it’ll hit you big time. I’ve seen many of my friends who were in complete denial about balance amidst all the blessings they’ve received. I’ve seen some who’ve faltered along the way and never recovered. Some are still enjoying their lucky streak… but luck does strike out eventually. When? They’ll just know for themselves. I just wish that they’ll be prepared for it.

As for me, I’m just happy to have a normal, decent and hopefully "balanced" life!


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