Another First: City Of Ember

Part of the perks in our company is that you're entitled to watch their featured movie for each month of the year for free... Well, you would get a no-show penalty if you miss your designated screening for some obscure reason like *cough* last-minute conference call *cough* which is irritating considering you have to weather the lag-time while loading the registration page. That's my sad story with Prince Caspian. I've learned my lesson enough to swear that I'll register for the next available movie I can click my mouse on. Which I did with City of Ember. I didn't know what the movie was and I didn't even see a trailer for it. All I wanted was some form of redemption for my registration faux pas that I didn't care whether the movie sucked or not. Fortunately, this one didn't and I had a blast watching my first company-sponsored movie night screening with a few unexpected yet fun friends inside the cinema.

After doing some minor research, I found out that City Of Ember is a book adaptation! Hmmm... I guess I need to chalk that one to my reading list. It stars Bill Murray (Ghostbusters), Tim Robbins (Mystic River), Saoirse Ronan (Atonement) and Harry Treadaway (Control). City of Ember details the adventures of Doon Harrow (Harry Treadaway) and Lina Mayfleet (Saoirse Ronan) at the time where Ember is experiencing terrifying blackouts. Lina's discovery of the box that has been developed by the Builders of the city over 200 years ago shall be the clue that will prompt her and Doon to find a way out of Ember before it self-destructs. The 95-minute film was full of thrills and chills as you rally behind Doon and Lina in their quest to discover the way out of Ember. Acting-wise, I was impressed by the ensemble, especially Saoirse. I can't believe I missed watching Atonement (mental note: rent it when you have time). Gah, I missed a lot of good movies over the last few years. I should hit IMDB soon to get a list of movies I missed seeing. That's going to be some hefty list!

Aside from enjoying City Of Ember, I've learned that it's cool to take advantage of what your company provides to make your work life a bit balanced. So here's to my next free movie night feature this November wherein I got my confirmation just this morning. Yipey! And it couldn't be a more perfect movie to see on a weekday and on it's first day screening...

The movie I'm referring to? It's Twilight!!! Oh, how sweet November is.


xoxo, l.p.


    On October 31, 2008 at 8:10 AM Anonymous said...

    Congratulations in advance! I'm sure you can't wait till its November! :) Me too. hehe.


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