Jean Grey

Original Post Date: June 6, 2006 (Friendster) - with slight edits

I’ve been a fan of the X-Men series for as long as I can remember. My favorite character is Jean Grey. Her mental abilities astound me yet she seems to be reserved at exploring how far her powers would go. That was the status quo until she became the Phoenix and became one of the most powerful yet demented mutants…

Honestly, I haven’t seen the last adaptation of this famous comic franchise yet. However, in some ways, I am Jean Grey… Definitely not as psychologically demented as she is. But more on how she rose from the ashes and became Phoenix.

My life for the past 3 years has been a series of deaths and re-births from the ashes. I guess when change happens, you either are forced to accept it or welcome it with open arms — and somehow, change is like a little death in itself. Shifts in your life allow or force you to receive another kaleidoscope, another pair of rose-colored glasses or another mirror which you’ll use to reflect and see ahead. Your old life seems to pass by as your new life unfolds — a seamless transition that knows no boundaries, nor time or space. It just happens whether you're prepared for it or not. Sucks, isn’t it? At times, when these moments happen, you wish you have a set of how-to’s and what-not’s, or a map/user-guide that will help you navigate from point A to B.

Oh well, if accepting change becomes hard on the EQ, people I know resort to a shrink, couple bottles of booze or some healthy dose of depressants to chase that away. However, I’d rather stick to my family, friends, e-diary and this blog. I get the same kind of therapy and best of all, it is free. =)


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