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This may sound horrible for some but not for me. For an absolute music enthusiast, I don't have an iPod to think I have double digit gigabytes worth of audio files of every conceivable artist that I adore, mainstream or indie. I know... I know... Horrible concept indeed. Unless you're willing to gift me a new iPod this Christmas or I win it in a raffle, I wouldn't buy one within the next 18 months even if I have the resources. My hard earned money is set for something else which I hoping I can buy soon. What is it? Let's just reserve the answer for another post, shall we?

Right now, as you're viewing my blog, you're treated to some tracks from one of my favorite artists, Frou Frou, courtesy of IMEEM. The last one I featured was Keane. My collection of audio tracks is very eclectic to say the least. From Colbie Calliat to Oasis... Imogen Heap to The Virgins... EBTG to Paramore... Cary Brothers to Fall Out Boy... the list is endless. But I can definitely say that a big chunk of them are Brit/Euro acts. Not that I don't like OPM. My favorite OPM songs surprisingly are those from the 70-80s and even the classics. On rare occasions, my mom and I would hum "Maalaala Mo Kaya" when we feel nostalgic. However, for some reason, I'm gravitating towards Brit/Euro acts more because of their poetic/pained lyrics and their one-of-a-kind music arrangements. Imagine the creativity that goes into the fluidity of the lyrics and music that accompanies it. Try listening to One Place by EBTG and read the lyrics along with it... I've quoted a portion below... You'll know what I mean.

So I get the map out
And draw a line of where we've been
It goes thru sea and sky
Twenty-five planes this year
And it's only July
This is not some Bible, like on the road
It's just a song about coming home
And whether
I would like to live like anybody else
In one place
And I could be happy and fulfilled
In one place

Genius! I guess you might be wondering what do I use to listen to my fave tracks. Well, I play them on my trusty mobile phone that I bought from Singapore oh-so many months ago. I've loaded about 150++ tracks in there that I've played over and over again. I replace some tracks when I get fresh ones but there are some that remained and were stored since Day 1. Shalom by Moonraker and Midnight Show by The Killers are my top 2 most played tracks. I paid my enthusiasm forward to several friends who I'm amazed to know that they like my selections.

So, if by some instance you happen to bump into me with my earphones on, I'd probably smile, say sorry and walk on because I'm in my happy little music zone.


xoxo, l.p.


    don't beat yourself too hard. I also don't have an ipod, any mp3/4 player, my phone holds a limited number of songs. And i love music as much as you.

    On October 15, 2008 at 3:39 PM Anonymous said...

    i like frou frou and imogen heap too, as influenced by nadj. she's a huge fan. :) you should try listening to emmy rossum too. :)


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