First Development: Easter Eggs!

I previously shared that I plan to do some changes for my blog. And I did one just right now: putting an Easter Egg in one of my previous entries.

I learned about the concept of virtual Easter Eggs from a friend of mine, Jacke, who at one point commissioned my services during an online game within another community she's part of. The online game was like an Easter Egg hunt: you need to find clues within a stage of the game, solve the riddle presented to move on to the next round. There weren't any points for winning: you only get dibs for solving the whole riddle first. When I was helping her out, we were both scrambling for the answer to the riddle. Although her team didn't win (sad), the experience was a fun thing and that became one of the major inspirations for the developments I plan for this blog. Even for my LJ blog, although my current layout is a keeper.

There are times that I recommend certain things when I blog. The most recent is about my entry regarding Sara Bareilles. Now, I've decided that if and when I rave about something -- whether it's music, books or movies -- I'll put out a download link within the post. Files will be random: I will not say what it is. To add to the challenge, I will not make the link too obvious. Like an Easter Egg, you need to search for it. My only clue: watch out for my post labels. If the phrase "Easter Egg" appears, that's your cue to search for the download link within the post and enjoy what I shared. As my first gift, perhaps you should look a few posts down to my Sara Bareilles entry. If you find the link, lucky you. It may take a bit but I hope that when you get the Easter Egg, it will be worth it. Cheers and happy hunting! =]


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