25 Random Things About Me

I'm joining the bandwagon as a TCP friend shared this in our forums. According to her, this has been going around in Facebook. I haven't created an account there; totally thinking about it. Even with Plurk (where I have a valid reason). However, identifying 25 random things about me can be a stretch. Are there 25 random things about me? Let's find out. ;)
  1. I am afraid of cockroaches. Big or small. Dead or alive. Crawling or flying. In whatever shape or form it is, I am freaking afraid.
  2. My all-time comfort food is dipping sour cream and onion Pringles in a pint of semi-soft Double Dutch ice cream. Yum!
  3. When I like a song, I play it continuously for at least 15 times or until my ears get tired of it.
  4. I like staring at a full moon. Thus, when I buy calendars or planners, I make sure it lists the date for the month when the moon is full.
  5. Window shopping is both a pasttime and an exercise for me.
  6. When I feel stressed, I walk to clear my head off.
  7. I'm an impulsive buyer when it comes to books. Other items, not so much except for basic necessities.
  8. I prefer to drink kapeng barako from Batangas anytime of the day and I can prepare a good cup of it using a traditional method. We don't have a coffee maker or coffee press at home.
  9. The accessory I cannot live without is a watch as I always need to check the time. The accessory I cannot wear for an entire day is a necklace.
  10. I like using a big bag because I want for it to fit a chunky book among with the rest of my girly stuff.
  11. I like watching award shows live especially the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Oscars and Emmys. And I always shed a tear or two during their In Memoriam segments. Don't know why.
  12. I'm an anti-mainstream person. I don't like the idea or the pressure of following trends. However, once I get into it even if it's late, I overcompensate. This happened with Harry Potter and Twilight: was late in the game but boy, I have truly overcompensated. Especially with Twilight. However, the overcompensating sentiment doesn't apply to my fashion choices since I purely invest on the basics.
  13. I own two (2) portable HDDs which I named Silver and Selene. If I buy a laptop in the future, I plan to name it Hayley.
  14. I am a couch potato and an RT/RX enthusiast until about eight months ago. I hardly turn on the TV in my room nor listen to the radio except when I have nothing else to do.
  15. I have a 20/20 vision. This despite being a voracious reader and a couch potato since 5.
  16. The bookstore is the only place I can stand/stay in for hours without getting hungry or minding the time. My favorites are the ones located in Bonifacio High Street and Araneta Center, Cubao.
  17. I prefer flats than heels and feel more comfortable wearing a pair of pants than a dress. Very Katharine Hepburn of me.
  18. I have recently mastered the art of laughing heartily without a single sound escaping from my lips.
  19. I am not an athletic person. The only athletic thing I do is cycling and chess. Although I loved playing softball/baseball in highschool. I had a mean swing then. I was proud of my homerun record.
  20. I prefer cocktails than beer, although I can drink both on a social basis.
  21. I'm a realist. I firmly believe in the phrase: hope for the best, expect the worst.
  22. I love to cook, especially anything that involves pasta. I would like to learn how to bake though.
  23. I visit the National Museum occasionally just to stare at Juan Luna's Spolarium. I see something new every time I look at the painting. I move to Intramuros afterwards.
  24. The farthest province I've visited in the country is Davao while the farthest place outside the country is India.
  25. I keep a password-protected Word document diary which is about 8-9 years old already. The entries are still growing despite having blogs here and in LJ. Some thoughts are just meant to be kept private.

Whew! That was a lot. And I thought I couldn't reach 25. Congratulations to me! =]


    20/20 vision??? lucky bitch!


    I know. LOL. I am lucky. That plus good reading habits and eating a bunch of raw carrots when I was younger helped.

    My ophthalmologist predicts that I won't be using any reading glasses until I'm about in my 50s.

    I can read signs clearly (depending on how it's printed though) even if they're at least ten feet away from me. That's why I'm often the one in the passenger seat since I can see far ahead. =]

    On February 14, 2009 at 3:33 PM Anonymous said...

    Sama ko sa National Lib! Gusto ko din mag National Museum, matagal na. Hehe.


    @yvaine28: Tara! Hehehe. Kailan mo gusto? =)


    I just remembered. It should be National Museum and not Library. Edited my entry to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion. My only excuse is that their both in Manila. Hehehe! =]


    #1 - me too! but i've killed two na, achievement! haha.

    -issa or obsessedwithedward from TCP :)


    @austenfan: Hey there. Cool! Hahaha. I was able to kill a couple (or more) at some point. However, it's not without the am-scared-shitless-while-sweating-like-hell reaction. The thing I hate about cockroaches the most is that even if you hit them hard (or at least I thought I did), they still twitch as if they're not dead. =/


    true! it looks like it'll re-energize some time soon. haha. the first time i killed a cockroach, i was in the washroom so i hit it, then drowned it into the drainage. lol.


    #9 Same here Rome, you will never see me sporting a necklace as my neck easily gets irritated.

    #10 What bag do you use? I myself is a backpack slave. Para akong Chinese na maraming dala dalang paninda.

    #18 haha you know my say on this. :p

    #21 Goodness, we're the same. *apir!*

    Sorry Rome kung late recation ako ah. *hugs*


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