A Change Will Do This Blog Good

Or so I think... Hopefully, maybe...

Like the turning of the new year, you stock yourself with new things: clothes, shoes, bags, books, etc. Sometimes, you fix or alter stuff like an ill-fitting office ensemble (which reminds me, I need to have some of those brought to the shop). Even your hair-do and kikay kit would need to be updated.

Having this in mind, I'm thinking I'd go be a girl on my blog and change its layout. The task alone is not going to be easy for me, as I plan to make/experiment some minor edits with the template(s) that I plan to download. The aim: to make it a bit more personal. Good thing, I have a brother who's a programmer. He taught me a tool that I would need to understand and make the necessary customizations: Firebug! The tool may be passe for some but not for me. Goodness, that's how late in the game I am. Why? Ridiculously long story. I was under a rock for quite sometime that I lost a good portion of my cyberlife. Anyway, moving on...

Amidst my excitement, I am actually daunted by my own aspirations on how my blog should look like. Now, after understanding the benefits of Firebug, not so much. So if you start seeing something strange on my blog, I'm sorry. My bad. Think of it as my fumbling attempts to bring out the mad scientist in me. I just hope my blog won't look as bad as Frankenstein once I'm done. And I promise to post once I'm out of my laboratory. XD


    Firebug is good. :)


    Looking forward to the new look! :)


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