Sixteen Days Of Bliss

In my haste to blog about my night in the taxi-foresaken place last Friday, I forgot that one of the reasons where I should probably be busting out of my seat in glee then is that it also marks my last day in my beautiful work cube. Yes, I love my work cube but I was also gearing for those sixteen days of being trapped inside my clutter-filled room. I'm staring at the endless shopping bags containing unread books and other what-nots, which reminds me that I owe a good friend several helpings of haul posts to illustrate how ridiculous the last few months have been for me on the wallet front. Some of these sixteen days will be purging days: clearing out old bills, brochures and papers that can be sold in a junkshop. Some will be devoted to reading; some to continue writing my fiction.

I kicked off my first day with a party with a group of fifty-something Twilighters. It was a fun afternoon of games, raffles and new faces. There were a couple of hitches with the venue but nonetheless, happy faces of new friends were enough to keep everyone going. I had a quirky fan moment when I met a resident and uber-funny/smart blogger in the Pinoy Twilight universe. I got my new set of merchadise from the US and a new wave of pins to add to my growing collection. First batch, whew. I can't wait until January arrives. I capped it by eating a belgian waffle ice-cream dessert with four friends while musing about the party highlights and trading downloads.

Now, I'm home-bound at least until tomorrow. Thus, I can't wait to start cleaning up so that my reading and writing days (blogging included, of course) will commence. I'm busting out on my bed in excitement for what the rest of my sixteen days shall bring. Posting this blog alone is enough to make me terribly giddy about the days to come.


xoxo, l.p.


    On December 22, 2008 at 12:20 PM Anonymous said...

    sounds you had a blast at the party! :) merry christmas L.P!


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