New Nails, WiFi And Taxi Woes

Okay. So I kind of need to do this Twit-like blog since I've passed so much time already in CBTL Boni High Street. I've done abolutely everything to keep me occupied: browse my regular sites, drink my fave ice-blended drink, stare at my newly-painted blood red nails, pick-up the package from a good friend in Fully Booked... However, I'm trapped. Of all the days I could think of to do these things is on the last weekend before December 25 hits. I'm having a Scrooge moment here since I lucked out on getting a taxi at 10:30 p.m. which is unbelievable by my standards. Now, I feel for my 'rents who are now stuck in C5 just to fetch me from this suddenly taxi-foresaken place. The only thing that keeps me occupied now is a fellow Twilighter who came from the US to spend Christmas in the country while staring every so often at my mobile phone to see if my 'rents are close already enough for me to log out and walk towards my designated waiting area. Good thing my laptop battery is still pretty much in good shape.

But for some inexplicable reason I kind of feel giddy doing this -- like I'm a novelist or screenwriter who just passed time inside a coffee shop while waiting for an inspiration to come through. If only to close my day at that thought, it'll be perfect. Well, sans the lack of taxis and my 'rents in traffic. I get to live a fantasy that I thought I can't do even for just one teensy hour.


xoxo, l.p.


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