I Am... Not Yet...

I was in the middle of cleaning up my files when I saw Meredith Brooks' Bitch. In the song, she enumerated her many facets as a woman/lover. So that got me to thinking.

Every human being has multiple facets resulting from roles played or choices made. Some lingering, some disappearing - but an accomplishment nonetheless that's forever cherished/kept. Thus inspiring this little listing game: I Am... Not Yet...

The rules are very simple. List down all the things that represent who you are (I Am...) and will be soon (Not Yet...) because despite differing paths, we cross at the same roles. Enjoy the list and wait for my tag. Looking forward to your posts. I hope you'll enjoy reading my list as much as I posted them. =]

I AM...
  • A woman
  • A daughter
  • A sister
  • A sister-in-law
  • A friend
  • A niece
  • An aunt
  • A cousin
  • A cousin-in-law
  • A godmother
  • A goddaughter
  • A student
  • A trainor
  • A bridesmaid
  • A consultant
  • A bookworm
  • A movie buff
  • An audiophile
  • A couch potato
  • A choir member
  • A closet dancer
  • A cook
  • A foodie
  • A fan girl
  • A branch head
  • A manager
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • A good listener
  • A communicator
  • A writer
  • A chess player
  • A cyclist
  • A traveler
  • A hopeless romantic
  • A photographer
  • An activist
  • A thrift shopaholic
  • A school play actress
  • A fighter
  • A one-man cheering squad
  • A handy helper
  • A poker player
  • A blogger
  • A planner
  • An interviewer
  • An accidental joker
  • A chatter
  • A team player
  • An unrequited lover
  • A researcher
  • An organizer
  • An employee
  • A mall rat
  • A medical patient
  • A class treasurer
  • A registered voter
  • A cocktail drinker
  • A gadget freak
  • A proud Pinay

  • A girlfriend
  • A fiancee
  • A bride
  • A wife
  • A mother
  • A grandmother


xoxo, l.p.


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