Tales Out Of Left Field

Last Friday afternoon, I got a text message from a very good friend, telling me that I won a pair of advance screening tickets to Land of the Lost! Thank goodness my shift would end early enough for me to do something else before the movie starts. Well, that is, if my work doesn't get too trigger happy with overtime. Even so, I'm confident I'll be there with enough time to spare. Glad to take along another friend with me. While I'm not exactly a Will Ferrell fan, the movie seems interesting enough. It'll be the first time I see Anna Friel on screen post-Pushing Daisies and A Midsummer Night's Dream. One dose of laughter, here I come.


During that same Friday, I got shocked in a not-so-good way. It was so bad I think I was either gnashing my teeth or biting my tongue in order to hide my disbelief. Talk about literally being left behind. Even if I felt my new ATM in my pocket, it couldn't reduce that feeling of reckless abandonment. This is coming from the heels of an orientation wherein I was reassured that I will be asked to put out fires without seeing someone else demonstrate it first. Oh well, so much for great expectations. It's now becoming more obvious to me that it's how things are in that group. Oh, the irony of it all. Being greeted by that supposed seal of quality every time I exit the lifts exacerbates the irony further.


Last Saturday, my very good friend and I watched District 9. Having watched UP with her a week before that, she asked me to choose from either watching the same movie in 3D format or another movie. While I wanted to stick to our original plan, I was planning on watching The Time Traveler's Wife and District 9. I thought a new movie would be fun. Between the two movies, I was leaning more towards District 9 since I've been hearing a lot of great feedback from the movie critics I follow on Twitter. When I found out that she hasn't watched it too, I think that helped me seal the deal. Besides, I'd prefer watching a movie with a Sci-Fi/Thriller label with someone. For some reason, it helps lessen the chances of me having nightmares about such kind of movies.

Two hours after, not only were my fears unfounded, I was completely amazed by the whole movie. Gore notwithstanding, what caught me off-guard was the movie's unique brand of storytelling and direction. I think it helped that the movie featured mostly unknown actors (like Cloverfield) as it allowed moviegoers to zero in on the story. It was fluid, simple yet heartbreaking in spots. The special effects were amazing despite the movie's relatively low budget. The rough-around-the-edges look may suggest such but it only adds more depth to the movie. Neill Blomkamp proved a lot of things, enough for me to say that I'll be looking forward to his future endeavors. No wonder Peter Jackson stands behind him. I won't mind watching the movie again. For now, I'll immerse myself with the movie's virals which would definitely enrich my District 9 experience.


The past few months have offered a lot of unexpected twists and turns for me, even more in the last few weeks. It's all part of my life now, I guess.


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