Ten Minutes Of Solitude

I noticed that since Wednesday, it's always raining during the end of my shift. Not sure if it was the weather telling me to extend my time at the office or my workload but Libis can be pretty shitty traffic-wise especially when it rains. It didn't help when I found out something bad about my timekeeping. I raised my sarcasm sign last Tuesday. It always went up a notch every single hour, moreso around yesterday afternoon. The last time I felt this much sarcasm was in 2001. A part of me wanted to find something to balance it out. Never realized that it would come from Mother Nature (or Metro Manila pollution?).

As I was getting some spare change to pay for my tricycle ride home, I thought I needed glasses because the streets leading to our place looked a bit hazy. It was only when I got out the tricycle when I noticed the air's biting chill. Did I mention that I went home late because I rendered OT? Anyway, I started to rub my eyes to check if I really need glasses. It was then that I realized that there's a soft blanket of fog looming above our subdivision. I got reminded that it was already September but I still wasn't convinced until I felt a small part of the walkway leading to our home. It was moist, dewy. So I stayed out for a while, staring at the dark sky, marvelling at the fog, enjoying the solitude. No vehicles passed for about ten minutes along our street, which is quite rare at nine in the evening. Then I felt a few warm tears. I closed my eyes and breathed. I wiped my tears and walked towards the house.

On our dark, hazy street, I was just me. I didn't have any labels, roles and even titles to fulfill or live up to. I felt bare, emotionally raw yet peaceful, still. The sarcasm sign was withdrawn even for a short time. And it felt good. Just when you think you start to feel numbed by life's curveballs, something inspires you. I sneezed a lot before I slept but it was worth it. Thank goodness, the moment presented itself when I needed it the most. For that, I'm grateful.


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