I Never Imagined

Last Monday, I ate with a friend of mine at Teriyaki Boy. As I was munching on my order of Katsudon, Salmon Sashimi and a can of Coke Light, I got reminded of the fact that perhaps more than three years ago, I never ate a single Japanese dish. It was one of the things that me and my mother argued about: my so-called lack of variety in the things I eat. I am picky with my food. She thinks that the reason for it was that I was Gerber-fed when I was little (unlike my brother who was a Cerelac boy). It was a self-fulfilling prophecy that hounded me for years. What made the situation worse was it being coupled with a childhood sickness which eliminated aggravating food items on my options list. I was in that state for a good 10 years of my life until I turned sixteen and have had enough. I waged a battle against my own body's reaction to certain foods. While I'm still far away from achieving gastronomic nirvana, I think I've progressed well with the variety in food I eat. And that childhood sickness? Gone with God's grace, and hopefully it'll be so for a long, long time. Or else, I wouldn't be able to enjoy a good serving of Salmon Sashimi dipped in wasabi-infused soy sauce. Imagine that.


In a couple of the training sessions I have attended, several of my client team members -- mostly men or boys -- were with me. While most of them have been in the company longer than I am, I'm quite impressed of the fact that they'd still participate in those sessions to refresh their knowledge. In the course of those activities, I got to know them a bit more and share little puns already. Because of those instances, I felt I was channeling my inner P.J. Franklin: being one of the boys. Over the course of my existence, I noticed that I have a good set of guy friends and sometimes, the best of them were always in threes. I had three best guy friends in high school, college and even my first job. Now, maybe I have twenty? It's too early to tell but at least, they're more confident to include me in a joke or two. Imagine that.


Since I reviewed Watchmen, I haven't seen another movie in the Gateway Cineplex. For close to two months already. And here I was thinking that when I transferred last August, I'd probably be checking out a new movie at least once a week. I've got no excuse, right? I'm near a mall with good cinemas. I guess I was wrong. The irony of your workplace being located beside a mall: so close yet so far. Imagine that.


During this week, I got two e-mails that landed me free tickets to two of 2009's US Summer Blockbusters hitting Philippine cinemas -- X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek. Yay me! I'll be watching them on two consecutive nights. Some anniversary I'll be having: eye-candy with around 10 hot Hollywood actors. Imagine that.


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