How Do You Want Your Eggs?

There are so many ways you can prepare and serve an egg. I always preferred mine to be scrambled with a little golden brown on the edges. When I make my scrambled eggs, I put a little bit of evaporated milk, salt, white pepper and McCormick's Italian seasoning to taste. It was only about a few years ago when sunny side-up or poached eggs became alternatives to my regular breakfast staple. However, I'm not here to talk about eggs altogether. I'm using eggs as a slight metaphor for intent or context behind the words we say.

For nearly half of my undergraduate degree and a good portion of my professional life, playing with words was my pre-occupation. When I was browsing for a home dictionary, I was astounded by the size and sheer volume of some units on the shelves. Each year, the dictionaries get thicker and you suddenly start to wonder what new words have been added... which among them you can use in your daily lingo...

Because of that acquired skill, like a cook and his dozens of eggs, I am able to present my intention or meaning in so many different ways. I remember when my good friends ask me for their opinion about their new haircut, purchase or predicament, my standard reply (or retort) is: how would you want me to tell you?

Those who have been my friends the longest always ask for the knife-in-the-heart version: straight-up and bites like a bitch on steroids. Some friends ask for the melts-in-your-mouth version: saccharine sweet yet hits you slowly without knowing like tequila. Others and more often, the opaque-as-mist version: not too hard, not too soft.

I have recently exercised a version that marries all three: something I have never tried before. My feelings are quite mixed by it. However, I got my intended effect. I do hope whoever he/she is would make amends to the people I care about because I don't plan to hide my whip anytime soon.


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