Rockin' Away With Taking Back Sunday

Last Saturday, I got a gift: a CD of Taking Back Sunday's Louder Now. It was neat surprise, much thanks to an angel from Warner Music for being kind enough to share this cool and amazing album. Same overflowing gratitude goes out to my friends at TCP for making this possible.

Cool and amazing? Well, I say that in the sense that I couldn't find myself skipping any track in the CD. That's a rare thing for me since there would be songs in my collection of CDs and digital compilations that I wouldn't like. For me, this CD holds the same distinction as that of The Corrs' Talk On Corners and Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing. Also, it's another addition to my eclectic mix of artists that I listen to.

Taking Back Sunday has been in the music scene since 1999 (where was I then? oh, getting jaded with work. =P). I may have heard a song of theirs but never associated it with them. So when I sought for an album that I'd wish to receive, I diligently studied Warner Music's artist line-up. It was then that my eyes fell on the said artist and their Louder Now album. The reviews were outstanding on every music critic page I looked at. That did it for me. Since I was having some apprehensions on the CD's availability (not knowing whether there are Taking Back Sunday followers in the Philippines), I selected another CD just in case. My second choice was Damien Rice's O since I've seen one on the shelves. I think, either of the two CDs would've have the same effect on me. However, this I like because if I needed a quick energy boost for my dreary office day, this was the "it" CD.

Currently, my most played tracks are Up Against (Blackout) and Twenty-Twenty Surgery. The album is straight-up alternative rock. However, the recording is very fluid. One song easily transitions to the other that you hardly notice that you've already moved on to another song. For me, that was also impressive.

For those who dig alternative rock, I suggest you check out this album. It was worth it for me and would buy any day. I'm just lucky I got it as a gift.


xoxo, l.p.


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