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In one of my entries in my other blog, I got into the bandwagon of the Writer's Block, a feature that posts daily questions aimed at eliciting some responses from the Live Journal community. This is one of the many things I'm impressed about LJ. I've answered about a couple of Writer's Block questions wherein one was quite intriguing enough for me to decide to share it to my friends here in Blogger. Hopefully, it'll inspire you to think about your own responses especially if I tag you. =)

Without further ado, I give you the featured Writer's Block question and my (erm, lengthy) response. Enjoy!


What fictional high school -- from TV, film, or a book -- would you most like to attend? Or would you rather never go near high school again, fictional or otherwise?


My high school experience was generally fine (or perhaps I was immune to/didn't care about peer pressure). I have my friends and dealt with cliques while managing to leave school unscathed except for some teensy crushes here and there. The only thing I'd rather not go back to in high school was Physics. I dreaded my teacher at that time. He's horrible on the practical side of the science. Chemistry and Biology, I enjoyed them the most. Filipino, I dreaded like hell simply because I sound like a crazy Fil-Am on helium when asked to recite a lengthy text. The only time I enjoyed it was when we ventured into Noli & El Fili. My love affair for the classics began from there since my Filipino teachers were really well-read. They often catch me in the library while I'm waiting for my service to pick me up. They were the ones who introduced me to Nancy Drew. I loved reading before but that's where it really intensified: high school.

Since I've encountered a lot of fictional schools in my reading and watching TV/movies, here are the ones I'm curious to be a part of:
  • SPENCE ACADEMY: A bit biased since I'm currently reading Book 2 of The Gemma Doyle Trilogy. However, I've attended the same co-ed school since kindergarten until I graduated in high school. I never knew the feeling of being in an exclusive school for girls and a boarding school at that. Although my parents would've loved to send me to St. Scholastica's College, they couldn't afford it then. Oh well. I did fine, right Ma? Ma?
  • HOGWART'S SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY: I'm a late-bloomed Harry Potter fan having read the series only in December 2005. But I read all six books in a span of three weeks, thanks to generous office mates who lent me their copies. My high school experience is much like Hermione's given my library time and wise-cracks during classes (but never to the point of overzealousness, if I may add). If I were to choose a house, I'd probably want to be in Ravenclaw. I love that house. On a whim, I asked to be sorted by a friend who's part of PHP. My house: Ravenclaw! How appropriate can it get? =]
  • WEST BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL: Having watched this high school undergo through two generations of TV shows, I'm curious enough just to see the drama and the glitz of it all. If I had the same background as Navid, I'd probably be cruising through school in a yellow Porsche Turbo and still ace my classes.
  • FORKS HIGH SCHOOL: Since I did mention the yellow Porsche Turbo, I don't see any reason why I should leave out this fictional high school. If only to be the one to tell Edward through my piercing stares... You, Me, Forest, NOW!
  • CONSTANCE BILLARD SCHOOL FOR GIRLS: Think modern-day Spence Academy with tons of West Beverly Hills High School drama, only a tad more sophisticated and richer since it's in the Upper East side of Manhattan.
  • PROFESSOR XAVIER'S SCHOOL FOR THE GIFTED: I've always loved to have a mutant ability, something like that of Storm or Jean Grey. It also doesn't hurt to be under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier. Another yearning for a boarding school experience.
  • SWEET VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL: I feel the need not to leave this out since I was into Elizabeth, Jessica, Todd, Lila, Enid, Bruce and the rest of the gang for most of my high school. It doesn't have the same angsty drama like that of West Beverly Hills or Constance. I related a lot ot Enid until she became Alex once she attended college. I didn't do a 180 the same way she did.

This now leads me to my last answer and it holds the distinction of being the first fictional school I wished to be part of:

  • RIVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL: I've wanted to be part of Betty and Veronica's circle but I'll probably be in the middle class. I won't be sharing their affection for Archie although I get it. I'd probably be nurturing a secret crush on Dilton Doiley. Ahahahaha.


Wow, that was fun to share although a bit embarrassing. Thinking about what I posted, I just realized that I started to become a fan girl at an early age. I was reading Archie comics when I was in Grade 3! I sadly don't have them anymore given that I didn't know how to preserve them at the time. After learning how to do 5S and training that to my clients, purging old things became an acquired habit and it even applied to my books. I've donated about 70% of my Sweet Valley High books (which are in tip-top condition) to an office outreach program aiming to enrich a chosen public school library with some reading material. The only ones left are the diary editions. I even plant to donate my paperback copies of Books 1-6 of Harry Potter once I get my hands on the Bloomsbury Adult Hard Cover editions. If it helps to spread the love for reading, why not?

Speaking of reading, it's high time I create my account on one of the more popular online social cataloging sites in cyberspace today. For bonafide book worms like me, it's a cool thing to have. I'll blog about it soon enough once I've already created my account. Several people have already shared their praises for this site. I'm staring at my unread book stack and they're begging to be known at the expense of my own embarrassment. Lol. That's my next project and my January hauls. It's just mid-January and my hauls are... erm... at lot again.

Looking forward to your own thoughts about this post and do wait for my tag. *wink*


xoxo, l.p.


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