Begin Again

I saw Begin Again right before it was pulled out of the local cinemas near my workplace. I can name a lot of obvious reasons why I loved the movie (and I can make a review of it, if I want to). But if anything, the movie has just reminded me that no matter how painful and taxing it can be, that it is okay to begin again... to start over... to move forward... even if it means losing something in the process in order to gain another. People say: no pain, no gain.  But there are times where I do wonder if the process gets easier?

I am at a crossroads again. I always thought that as I get older, I get more confident at these things. While I keep a calm facade, my nerves are driving me nuts and I second-guess myself. I hate it when I do that. I over-think to the point of suddenly remembering the what-ifs and the what-should-have-beens in my life... then I just chastise myself for even entertaining such thoughts to the point that I find the courage to pick myself up and move along.

Until I get to that point (and I will, hopefully soon enough), thank goodness for sour cream flavored chips, double-dutch ice cream and a movie that'll sure bring on the waterworks. Let the healing process begin... again.


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