Nothing But A Whole Lot Of Videos

Since I haven't created a new blog in days, I figured I should crank up the ol' embed feature again and share a good number of videos that were uploaded today on the MySpace Trailer Park and MTV.

First up is the New Moon trailer. The 15-second version released a few days ago sent every impatient Twilighter into a frenzy. This new one? It's worth the wait.

Next are a series of videos from the recently concluded MTV Movie Awards 2009 where Twilight won five (5) golden popcorns for Best Breakthrough Male, Best Female Performance, Best Fight, Best Kiss and Best Movie! Most of these are Twilight-related except for the last few ones at the end of this post.

Back-To-Back Best Fight Awardee: Cam Gigandet, a.k.a. The Man Who Never Disappoints

Rob's Reaction To Winning Best Fight: "It made me feel really tough!"

Best Female Performance... Or Kristen Stewart's Very Own Bella Moment...

Best Kiss... Almost...

Cast Reactions To Best Movie Win. Peter Facinelli: "We're going to Disneyland!"

Rob Confirms His New Movie

Okay, to relieve you of Twilight-related videos, here are some more from MTV Movie Awards 2009, starting with...

Dan, Rupert & Emma Present HBP Sneak Peak. Makes Me Go Accio July!

The Opener... Of Course...

Reserving The Best For Last... J.J. "The Man" Abrams On Keyboards!!! FTW!!! XD

Okay, my blog title did say a whole lot of videos. I know these are tough to load but they're worth watching. Hope to do a full blog next time. Adios!


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