Work Hard, Play Hard

Come this Wednesday, I'll be on my third week with my new job. Same field but different industry. And surprisingly so. I never imagined I'd be able to work for such an organization despite my lack of industry-related experience. But I guess my communication skills won them over. After my three-day honeymoon, I was thrust headlong onto what could be one of the most stressful jobs I've ever had in my life.

Not that I hate stress enough to banish it from my existence. Stress is somewhat Work's bitter, evil twin sister. I remembered when I started working. I took it as hard as I could. I wanted to excel at what I'm doing, make a career out of it. Wondering what has changed since then? Oh well, I just had to deal with a little thing called quarter-life crisis plus a good dose of Stephen Covey and I declared war against my own workaholic self. Balance became my goal. It's a constant struggle to this day but I think I'm able to manage it already.

Despite the odd hours of my new job, my calendar is still filled with a good dose of non-work stuff. Name it -- watching movies or TV series, attending to fandom stuff, reading a book (although a little slowly, I admit), meeting friends for dinner -- I find myself making time for it. A bit more vigilantly, I suppose. Maybe that's my way of restoring balance. Even if there were instances wherein I'd loose precious hours of sleep, it's okay. Being able to do non-work stuff brings back some of that lost energy. Quite frankly, my life hasn't been... well... normal for the last few months. So why stop now? ;)


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